Painting Vinyl Siding

Should you paint vinyl siding


Our consumers frequently ask us if they can paint plastic exterior siding when it begins to look used. In many cases, you can paint plastic siding.

Vinyl house siding is an eye-catching outside choice provided its rate factor as well as low-maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, it’s not best and also sooner or later it will likely start to look faded or put on. When that happens, it’s a great idea to inspect the integrity of the product to make certain it’s still structurally sound and doing its task.

As soon as you’ve established if it’s still working and all it needs is a fresh layer of paint, you have 2 options: paint it yourself or hire an expert like Local Painters St Peters

Do it on your own:

Yes, you can repaint your plastic siding on your own. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that while it is fairly straightforward as tasks go, it is a large project even if your house isn’t very big. We can guarantee you that when you venture out there and also begin paint, your home is going to suddenly feel huge!

Repainting your house’s exterior on your own is not for the average DIYer. While not especially technical, you will have to recognize what to do, exactly how to do it, and also be literally able to take care of the labor.

You will certainly need to repaint your plastic exterior siding throughout the course of a number of mild weather days ideally with overcast skies and low moisture. In the St Louis area, this suggests late winter season, spring, and also autumn are excellent seasons– although you might do it in summertime’s milder days.

Clean your exterior siding initially:

It is essential to clean your siding extensively and also remove all mold, mold, and dirt accumulate or your paint will certainly not stick properly.

You can make use of a pressure washer or tidy the siding by cleaning by hand  option. Hosing down the house siding isn’t sufficient. See to it the home siding is thoroughly dry prior to you start painting.

Paint Application:

You can roll on the paint or make use of a paint sprayer. We always suggest a professional-grade paint sprayer for far better results.
Apply paint evenly as well as not too heavily.
Utilize a brush to repaint corners and also edges.
Ensure your very first layer is completely dry before starting a second coat.
That’s all it takes. Seems simple? It isn’t really complex, yet it’s unbelievably time consuming and also very labor extensive. You’ll need to tape around windows as well as use plastic sheeting if you’re spraying to stay clear of overspray. The preparation alone might take all day. After that represent cleaning– probably an additional day. Doing 2 coats could take you a day or more per layer depending on the size of your residence.

Or, you can call us in your Local Painters to repaint your vinyl exterior siding for you. We enjoy to come out to your Saint Peters home and also give you a no-obligation estimate. Call us to establish a consultation.

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