Interior House Painting

When Is It Time For An Interior House Painting Project

Do you feel that the interior of your house needs a fresh paint job? Are you wondering whether or not it’s time for an interior house painting job? Well, here are the signs to look out for.

1. Time – When was the last time that you painted the interior of your house? It’s ideal to paint the interior walls of your house every 5 years. You should consider current trends when looking to update your house’s interior and follow suit.

2. Fading Paint – Darker paint usually fades faster than lighter paint but eventually both will fade. Newer paint technologies have a fade-resistant feature but they might also wear and tear with time. Areas that are constantly exposed to sunlight fade faster than other areas. If you notice any faded spots in the interior walls, it’s time to schedule an interior house painting project.

3. Cracking/Flaking – Is there any cracking or flaking paint in your home? It could have been caused by extreme heat/cold, improper surface preparation before previous painting or age of the paint. Flaking paint is unappealing and might attract pests that you don’t want in your house. When you notice these signs, it’s time to repaint the interior walls of your house.

4. Damaged Walls – Are there chips, cracks, scuff marks, holes or any other type of damage on your walls? Make sure that these walls are repaired immediately to avoid damaging the entire house. When the damage is repaired, the next step is repainting the walls to improve the aesthetic value of your home.

When you notice these and more signs in the interior part of your home, it’s time to schedule a repainting of your interior walls. You can always hire a professional painter for the job or do it yourself for the best results. A fresh paint job for the interior of your home will definitely improve the aesthetic value of your home.


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